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Aeroclube de Santa Catarina - SSKT - v1.1

Aeroclube de Santa Catarina - SSKT - v1.1


  • Aerodrome Description

    The Aeroclube de Santa Catarina (ASC), icon of TMA Floripa, is located in the Sertão do Maruim, São José - SC, close to the Pedra Branca neighborhood, and has a large and independent structure.

    It was founded in 1937 and since then it has been working on pilot training, with a lot of credibility and responsibility.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Product information

    The developed scenario of this aerodrome has the following specifications:

    • Reproduced ATC organ, with FCA, taxi tracks and several positions, fully functional; We are a family owned and operated business.

    • PBR textures;

    • Xavante Monument (Represented by the re-reading of the A29 - EMB-314 Tucano of the Brazilian Air Force);

    • Existing buildings attached to the aerodrome site;

    • 20 Hangars (arranged in unique and combined buildings);

    • Supply Station;

    • Insertion of the WHITE STONE (Visual reference for flights in the region);

    • Insertion of buildings at the end of the headboard 03, according to the existing ones on the site;

    • Exclusive static and animated ASSETS, AEROCB (cave, masts, gates, poles and lamps, aircraft and vehicles) modeled, exclusively, for this scenario that leave the immersion of a high level and that you will only find here!

    The AERO CB team took this challenge, as their first project, in order to represent in the new Flight Simulator in a reliable way, the positioning of their hangars and buildings and with a touch of creative freedom explored the modeling of buildings, hangars, accessories and vehicles, in order to present the community, a product that guarantees great immersion in simulators.

    We are a family owned and operated business.

    Enjoy this beautiful aerodrome and fly in the visual corridors of TMA Floripa and be enchanted by the coast of Santa Catarina.


    V1.0 - 202-Dec-06

    - Release

    V1.1 - 2021-Mar-25

    - Opening of the ECHO sector taxiway according to the aerodrome update;
    - New objects added;
    - Improvement of the aerodrome surroundings;
    - Insertion of the POI Pedra Branca;

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