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Blumenau Airport - SSBL

Blumenau Airport - SSBL

  • Aerodrome description

    The Regional Airport of Blumenau popularly known as "QUERO-QUERO" is located in Blumenau, the city that hosts the metropolitan region of Vale do Itajaí. Created in 1970, this airport operated regular flights to Congonhas - SP, through the extinct Rio Sul and later by TAM.

    Today the aerodrome includes the Aeroclube de Blumenau, a civil aviation school that is a reference in the training of pilots and flight attendants, as well as an active sailing flight club. In its structure there are also private hangars that operate air taxi and cargo flights.

    Finally, this aerodrome has the operational base of the BOA-CBMSC, with the helicopter ARCANJO 03 that has great performance in rescues and rescues in the regions of the valley and the high valley of Itajaí.

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