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Condomínio FlyVille - SJSH

Condomínio FlyVille - SJSH

  • Aerodrome Description

    FLYVILLE is a residential and aeronautical Condominium that follows the worldwide concept of "Fly-in-Community", with a complete infrastructure for housing, leisure and commercial area of the highest standard.
    It is one of the largest aeronautical condominium developments in the southern region of Brazil.

    FREEWARE product made by AEROCB exclusively with assets from the MSFS SDK itself.

    Take advantage of this aerodrome located in Governador Celso Ramos - SC to fly the beautiful coast of Santa Catarina!

    Note: The Fly Ville Aeronautical Condominium (Real Life) is still under construction, so AEROCB made a projection of what the aerodrome will look like, according to the architectural project presented by the developer.

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